Frequently Asked Questions

How many years experience do you have in construction?

My family has been in the construction business for over a†century.† My great-grandfather was a blacksmith/builder, my grandfather was a road builder who worked on the Alaskan Highway and† my dad was a plumber so I have been around builders my entire life.† I have a degree from the University of Illinois in Fine Arts, but I could not satisfy my desire to create without building something.† I started framing in Austin in the late 70ís and have learned all phases of construction from the ground up.† I have been a lead carpenter, supervisor, superintendent and project manager.† I now own my own business but I still put my tool bags on†and enjoy working with my hands every day.

How expensive is a bathroom or kitchen remodel?

There are many phases involved in a remodel of kitchen and bath areas.† The cost varies depending on many factors including the size of the room, expense of the materials used and the overall scope of the work to be done.†† I like to give the customer the control by bidding all known expenses and giving an allowance for items like lighting/plumbing fixtures, tile selection, countertop type and cabinetry.† I do not charge extra for materials and only profit from my labor.† On many jobs we work by the hour to lessen the cost of hidden fees related to charges for unknown complications due to the nature of remodels.† The owner pays for materials and we gladly provide a fair and honest day of labor to perform the job needed.

Can I trust all these people in my house?

I have been involved in many remodels and know all my employees and contacts personally for at least 15-20 years.† They are all family men with a wife and kids of their own at home.† I am proud to say my customers rave about how great everybody was who worked on their home.† We clean up the job site every day before we leave to make the difficult remodel transition less obtrusive to your family.† I only advertise locally through my sonís athletic programs and my church.† Almost all my work comes from referrals.† I had this web site† set up mainly to let people who do not know me have a look at our work and get a chance to get to know us via the web.